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Welcome to OppTalk

Following years of research and development, OppTalk, together with technological and child development experts, has succeeded in creating a new and innovative product. The OppTalk technology is based on the electro-optical interaction between the OppTalk devices, and color-coded dots. The patented OppTalk technological platform allows for the optical coding and decoding of colored-dots, which are printed as part of the regular printing process on any printable media. OppTalk has developed 2 different devices, one is a 3-color reader called “Smart Reader 3S” and the other is a 2-color device called “Smart Reader 2S” which come in different Models.

This patented technology allows the user to hear prerecorded content and/or self-record content using the devices. The devices are user-friendly and can be used by different age groups and endless applications such as; Games, Prerecorded Books, Self-recorded Books, Family Albums, Greeting Cards and many other applications to life. In all OppTalk applications, the narration and sounds are prerecorded and may be downloaded from the OppTalk Content Manager or by using OppTalk Memory Card.

In addition consumers may also create their own content as the devices allow for self-recording, which gives users the opportunity to record and hear any book they like, leave messages around the house, create talking memory albums and much more. (it will depend in the model of the Smart Reader the user have)

OppTalk’s unique technology provides high-quality, interactive solutions for a wide variety of educational and entertainment content.